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The Final Rose

Welp, it's been a wild few months, rose lovers. Before we all go hibernate until the new season of The Bachelorette premieres in the spring, please take a moment to share your thoughts about tonight's episode and the season general. What did you think of Emmanuel Acho as host? Are you pleased about the new Bachelorettes (and the back-to-back seasons)? And do you think Matt and Rachael would have made it as a couple if those photos didn't exist (or never resurfaced)? Post your thoughts below, and as always, thanks for taking this "journey" with me!

The Final Rose

Earlier in the episode, Clayton, 28, broke up with Gabby, 31, and Rachel, 26, at the same time in hopes of rekindling his relationship with Susie Evans. The two women he rejected later got the chance to say their piece during the live portion of the finale.

She was in tears during the live portion of the finale, but she explained that it was not because she had lingering feelings for Clayton. Instead, she felt robbed of the opportunity to stand up for herself.

Set to air Monday, Mar. 15 at 10 p.m., The Bachelor After the Final Rose will see Acho sit down with Bachelor Matt James to discuss the season, his final decision and where is now. The post-show conversation will also touch on the current events surrounding the franchise. Acho will also speak to the final three contestants, Kirkconnel, Bri Springs and Michelle Young. 041b061a72


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